Saturday, August 22, 2009

last but the best..

last wednesday is the last day for my chemistry experiment for this semester..
i will miss doing all those mixing the chemicals..
that's what make me fall in love in chemistry (but just a little bit).. huhu..
i will never forget when the first time my group work out the experiment..
syafiqah, latip n me.

it was about redox titration..

that's how syafiqah n me start knowing our new fren, latip..
nice guy..
and at the first experiment i start knowing what is magnetic flea..

and when i do all the washing, i throw the magnetic flea inside the sink..
i didn't know that it still can be use..
i thought i just for once..
thank god my lab instructor can be patient with that.. huhu..
after the second experiment, latip left us..
for jpa scholarship..
then we work out the experiment with new member, amirul..
he's good guy, but we cant cooperate so much.. not like latip to be exact..
especially when going to do the report, there would always be an argument between us..

i admit, that was syafiqah's and my fault..
we always late to finish up our part..huhu
after the fourth week, amirul left us for pilot training..
then, we met our new member..syafiq..
it's quite ok, working with him as there's no much complaint from him..
syafiqah and i also did our part better..

of course, this already the fifth experiment..

well, thanks LATIP, AMIRUL n SYAFIQ...

was being in our group..

and to Syafiqah of course, always my groupmate since the first experiment..

i will miss ain's group that alway be at the table in front of us in the lab..

ain, haiqal, faiz.. (my bestfren)

they are the one that made the lab going crazy with all the jokes..

and my group always try to beat their group to finish up the experiment faster than them..

but we always loose..

until the sixth experiment.. we win at last.. hahaha..

to the beautiful lab instuctor, miss azie, thanks a lot..

u teach me a lot.. miss to hear u say, "anak-anak, dengar sini.."

good luck in finishing ur master study yeah..

really wanna scream out saying that i cant wait to do the chemistry experiment for the next semester..

hoping to get the class with my bestfren..

faiz, syafiqah, ain, haiqal...

also gonna miss yusra, hakim, amar and arif.. our labmate.. u all the best!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan is coming back!!!

seeing the tittle i guess u all would think bout what i'm gonna write here..
yeah, of course wishing u all, happy fasting month..
everything moving so fast until i feel like i just celebrate the last ramadhan..
i cant remember since when i start fasting..
standard 1 perhaps..
but, like other kids, half day only.. haha..
ok la kan..
actually, it is a secret..
when i went to school i cant force myself to continue fasting since most of my friends are not..
and i break my fasting.. ngeeee~ kawan yang mengajar.. not my fault.. huhu
and when i'm home, i continue fasting till my parent think that i really fasting for the whole day..
that's why aku nampak bertenaga semacam je kan.. haha..
and one day when my c's mazni, my kazen shafirah n jannah, n me, going back from school my c's tell me that "semua setan kena ikat time bulan puasa.."
and u know what i think at first??
whenever i see the trees, all the way home, i think the devils are tied up at the trees.. takot dowh..
hahah.. too much imagine..
then, i start knowing what the tarawikh is..
from standard 4, i went to mosque and do solat tarawikh..
actually i just follow up what the tok imam did..
and sometime also felt asleep.. huhuh.. segan plak..
as 10 years old child, i cant understand why we should do the same pray for 10 times..
but i exactly just do for 8 rakaat..
cant stand anymore..
and now i feel like dreaming realised that i already having 17 Ramadhan al-Mubarak..
everything is so fast..
n one more is coming right now..
i cant pretend saying that i'm ready to face it..
please dont misunderstanding here..
doesn't mean i'm scared of fasting..
but, there so much things that we should try give it a change in this blessing month..
first of all, maybe we should talk less (kurang mengumpat) n more to berzikir, selawat, istighfar n sort of..
recite the al-Quran..
and lot more..
and i'm really scared if i just let it go with futility..
deep from the heart, i feel grateful that Allah gives me a chance to be in this blessing Ramadhan one more time..
month of barakhah...
semoga kita semua dapat memanfaatkannya..

Friday, August 14, 2009

wearing mask??

just coming back from maths class..
dr. huang of course.. just 1 hour for today..
integration on subtitution n partial fraction..
all the way nak balik bilik, boley la dengar segala khabar psal H1N1..
i cant say which one is right, n which one is not..
before going to the class, orang sibuk bercakap pasal dah seorang pelajar uitm, budak kolej mawar (which is my resident college) dah meninggal seorang bcoz of the enfluenza..
from block 1B, which just beside mine, 1A...
and after meeting ain, n we're going to class, she said it's been two people already from this college and one more in kolej seroja passed away bcoz of it.
we're just complaining on each other, why it is not compulsory for every student to use the mask??

shafa said, the lecturers suppose to use it first the the student will..
perhaps the student dont wanna use it because they feel it is embrassing..
but how about the lecturer??
suppose they also feel embrass with their colleagues..
then what should it be?
i guess that perhaps that the vice chancelor should start it first then?
then make it compulsory to all the students and uitm staff to use the mask..
or, i can say that the prime minister should first start it, isnt??

right after we come back from class..
here it goes the new hottest rumors..
the uitm will be close for 1 month..for this semester of course..
it's not a new story anymore..
but now it seem to be realised..
tomorrow it will be the meeting on this..
i dunno whether it is true.. as i mentioned, RUMORS!!

so, will we finish our study longer than other stundents??
matric students of course..
it is compulsory for them to use the mask, then they can continue their class as usual..
i really hoping that, if there is any meeting tomorrow, please dont think about stopping all the classes but about the mask that everyone really should use..

my friends which taking law n tesl, keep talking about the estimation that have been made on diz influenza A..
it is said, this influenza will be last for 3 years and more than 2000 people will be infected and die..
so, what we're gonna be in these 3 years??
living in the house, with no social life?
no more business?
no more study, bcoz all the education centre been closed?
no more interaction with each other?
all these question, spinning on my head..

for all the muslim..
pray to The Almighty, Allah, hoping that we're not infected by this influenza A.. InsyaAllah..

Friday, August 7, 2009

cat? meo00wwww..

dah lama x menulis kat sini..
not just bcoz tak der masa but also no idea...
ada nampak tittle tu??
ini cerita pasal kucing.. meowww.. ngeeee

tersebutlah kisah satu hari, ain datang bilik aku..
aku yang tengah bersiap siap nak pergi kelas buat tak layan la minah tu yang dah bersandar kat pintu menunggu aku...
suddenly she said, "naimah, ko tau, terkejut aku pagi tadi, keluar bilik nak gi mandi, tengok2 garfield tgh tido depan pintu.."
garfield?? urm.. aku buat tak layan je la citer die.. malas nak kisah.. aku tengah rushing bersiap..

2 hari lepas tu.. tiba2 sekor kucing lalu depan bilik aku.. mak aiiii.. besar kowt... macam luar biase je..
aku pon cakap kat ain..
"ain, ko tengok tu, besar giler kowt kucing tu.."
sekali ain jengokkan kepala keluar, "ler, garfield larh tu.."
ek??? ouh, tu ke garfield yang dia dok sebut tuh.. yea.. yea..
memang mcm garfield eyh.. huhu..

esoknya, aku jumpa lagi si garfield tu..
aku dengan cepat2 kuarkan enfon nak ambik gmbar dia..
boley pulak dia lari..
aku dengan tak sengaja, pergi kejar dia..
aiyo0.. jaoh kowt aku kejar.. lalu berlakulah aktiviti kejar mengejar antara aku n garfield tu
kedekut giler kucing tu, satu gmbar je pon aku nk ambik..
macam paparazzi nak ambik gambar britney plak eyh...

si shafa yang tiba2 kluar bilik nampak aku tgh kejar kucing, "eyh, naimah, jangan kejar die.."
aku pon biar je la kucing perasan femes tu berlalu pegi.. eeee...
on the next day, aku terserempak lagi dengan dia msa nak pegi toilet..
cepat je aku lari masok bilik, ambik enfon.. then ambik gambar dia.. heheh
dia mcam ketakutan o00.. yerla, aku da block jalan die.. hahha
dok situ diam2.. aku nk ambik gambar..

then, ini dia si GARFIELD KOLEJ MAWAR..

xder la comey sangat pown.. kakaka...

dalam seminggu lepas tu, aku pegi bilik ain tunggu dia bersiap siap nk pegi kelas.tengah aku duduk dekat kerusi batu tu, aku nampak sekor kucing ni dok tido..

alaaaaa.. cute nya dia.. hahhahaha

aku pon ambik la enset nak tangkap gambar dia.. elok aku nak ambik gambar je, dia buka mata..

aiii.. mcam tau je org nak ambik gambar dia.. hehe.

buat muka seposen lak tu....

syahdu ja aku tengok muke mengantuk die nayh...

sekali lagi aku nak ambik gambar dia, wahhh..

dia terus bergaya sakan depan enfon aku..

bukan main lagi dia buat aksi kat aku kowt..

macam harimau... ngeeee....

hebat ark?? mcam gilae glamer pon de gak.. hahah..

sekali aku cakap la dekat ain, yang kucing kat bilik dia tuh buat aksi depan enfon aku lak bla aku nk tgkap gmbar die..

ain plak cakap, "eyh, tengok la, dah kucing dekat bilik aku, mesti la fotogenik mcm aku.." erkkk??? huhuh... btol3... mmg mcm ko eyh...

minggu lepas plak, hujan turun dengan lebatnya..aku n syafika terpaksa lepak dekat gazebo dulu tengah tunggu ain, nk pegi kelas... tengah kitorang pening kepala pikir mcm mana nak pegi kelas coz hujan, tetiba ada sekor kucing yang lari dari tengah hujan ke kerusi yang aku duduk tu..

kesiannya dia.. sejuk tauuuuu..

sedey kan... dia da basah sket.. haisy...

tu la orang da kata, jangan men hujan.. degil ek...

sekali dia tengok aku dengan muka yang penuh syahdu.. huhu.. mcm kucing dalam citer shrek plak.. alaaaaa.. ciannya dia.. sejuk ek???

dia duduk ja stu sampai aku pegi kelas.. urmmm.. semoga x demam eyh...

semalam plak, tengah aku busy kemas barang.. aku tengah duduk kat katil time tu.. pintu aku biar je bukak.. panas..

tinggal aku n yot je dalam bilik.. yana n fatin xtau kemana...

yot tengah sedap je landing atas katil..

tetiba, sekor kucing ni lalu depan bilik aku.. kecik je.. dia jalan terus je...

aku terus pergi dekat pintu, aku panggil dia.. "kucing! kucing!"

tetiba kucing tu berhenti..

aku panggil lagi.."kucing! kucing!"

sekali dia turn belakang cari suara siapa.. hhahaha.. betol neyh.. tak tipu..

pastu aku lambai dekat dia, "mai, mai sini..."

sekali dia ikot cakap aku, dia datang bilik aku betol kowt..

dah datang depan pintu, aku nak la tutop pintu, takot dia masok dalam bilik.. mak ai.. laju sangat dia lari, terus masuk dalam bilik aku.. ngeee.. tak sempat nak tutop pintu..

yot yang tengah baring tu terus melompat bangun.. "naimah!! ko halau die keluar.. halau dia naimah.."

yela, nak halau la ni yot.. masalahnya dia da masok bawah katil.. cmne nak halau.. eeeerrrrr..

yot memang dah takot giler dah.. "naimah!! ko halau cepat.. yang ko pegi panggil dia buat ape.."

mna la aku tau yot.. aku tak tau plak yang dia ni cerdik sket, paham je arahan aku.. ngeee..

lpas bertungkus lumus, dapat jugak aku halau dia keluar.. huhu..

yea.. tu la citer aku psal kucing kat kolej kediaman aku neyh..

nnti kalau ada penguin ke, rabbit ke, aku citer lagi ek..