Saturday, August 22, 2009

last but the best..

last wednesday is the last day for my chemistry experiment for this semester..
i will miss doing all those mixing the chemicals..
that's what make me fall in love in chemistry (but just a little bit).. huhu..
i will never forget when the first time my group work out the experiment..
syafiqah, latip n me.

it was about redox titration..

that's how syafiqah n me start knowing our new fren, latip..
nice guy..
and at the first experiment i start knowing what is magnetic flea..

and when i do all the washing, i throw the magnetic flea inside the sink..
i didn't know that it still can be use..
i thought i just for once..
thank god my lab instructor can be patient with that.. huhu..
after the second experiment, latip left us..
for jpa scholarship..
then we work out the experiment with new member, amirul..
he's good guy, but we cant cooperate so much.. not like latip to be exact..
especially when going to do the report, there would always be an argument between us..

i admit, that was syafiqah's and my fault..
we always late to finish up our part..huhu
after the fourth week, amirul left us for pilot training..
then, we met our new member..syafiq..
it's quite ok, working with him as there's no much complaint from him..
syafiqah and i also did our part better..

of course, this already the fifth experiment..

well, thanks LATIP, AMIRUL n SYAFIQ...

was being in our group..

and to Syafiqah of course, always my groupmate since the first experiment..

i will miss ain's group that alway be at the table in front of us in the lab..

ain, haiqal, faiz.. (my bestfren)

they are the one that made the lab going crazy with all the jokes..

and my group always try to beat their group to finish up the experiment faster than them..

but we always loose..

until the sixth experiment.. we win at last.. hahaha..

to the beautiful lab instuctor, miss azie, thanks a lot..

u teach me a lot.. miss to hear u say, "anak-anak, dengar sini.."

good luck in finishing ur master study yeah..

really wanna scream out saying that i cant wait to do the chemistry experiment for the next semester..

hoping to get the class with my bestfren..

faiz, syafiqah, ain, haiqal...

also gonna miss yusra, hakim, amar and arif.. our labmate.. u all the best!!!


syafawati said...

suka masa korang ngan amirul.
gila lawak ahh setiap kali nak buat lab report :)

naimah said...

ko jahat la..
suka ek tengok org gadoh2..
maki hamun semua siap..
sekarang dia da xda.. xda gadoh2 dah..