Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan is coming back!!!

seeing the tittle i guess u all would think bout what i'm gonna write here..
yeah, of course wishing u all, happy fasting month..
everything moving so fast until i feel like i just celebrate the last ramadhan..
i cant remember since when i start fasting..
standard 1 perhaps..
but, like other kids, half day only.. haha..
ok la kan..
actually, it is a secret..
when i went to school i cant force myself to continue fasting since most of my friends are not..
and i break my fasting.. ngeeee~ kawan yang mengajar.. not my fault.. huhu
and when i'm home, i continue fasting till my parent think that i really fasting for the whole day..
that's why aku nampak bertenaga semacam je kan.. haha..
and one day when my c's mazni, my kazen shafirah n jannah, n me, going back from school my c's tell me that "semua setan kena ikat time bulan puasa.."
and u know what i think at first??
whenever i see the trees, all the way home, i think the devils are tied up at the trees.. takot dowh..
hahah.. too much imagine..
then, i start knowing what the tarawikh is..
from standard 4, i went to mosque and do solat tarawikh..
actually i just follow up what the tok imam did..
and sometime also felt asleep.. huhuh.. segan plak..
as 10 years old child, i cant understand why we should do the same pray for 10 times..
but i exactly just do for 8 rakaat..
cant stand anymore..
and now i feel like dreaming realised that i already having 17 Ramadhan al-Mubarak..
everything is so fast..
n one more is coming right now..
i cant pretend saying that i'm ready to face it..
please dont misunderstanding here..
doesn't mean i'm scared of fasting..
but, there so much things that we should try give it a change in this blessing month..
first of all, maybe we should talk less (kurang mengumpat) n more to berzikir, selawat, istighfar n sort of..
recite the al-Quran..
and lot more..
and i'm really scared if i just let it go with futility..
deep from the heart, i feel grateful that Allah gives me a chance to be in this blessing Ramadhan one more time..
month of barakhah...
semoga kita semua dapat memanfaatkannya..

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