Friday, August 14, 2009

wearing mask??

just coming back from maths class..
dr. huang of course.. just 1 hour for today..
integration on subtitution n partial fraction..
all the way nak balik bilik, boley la dengar segala khabar psal H1N1..
i cant say which one is right, n which one is not..
before going to the class, orang sibuk bercakap pasal dah seorang pelajar uitm, budak kolej mawar (which is my resident college) dah meninggal seorang bcoz of the enfluenza..
from block 1B, which just beside mine, 1A...
and after meeting ain, n we're going to class, she said it's been two people already from this college and one more in kolej seroja passed away bcoz of it.
we're just complaining on each other, why it is not compulsory for every student to use the mask??

shafa said, the lecturers suppose to use it first the the student will..
perhaps the student dont wanna use it because they feel it is embrassing..
but how about the lecturer??
suppose they also feel embrass with their colleagues..
then what should it be?
i guess that perhaps that the vice chancelor should start it first then?
then make it compulsory to all the students and uitm staff to use the mask..
or, i can say that the prime minister should first start it, isnt??

right after we come back from class..
here it goes the new hottest rumors..
the uitm will be close for 1 month..for this semester of course..
it's not a new story anymore..
but now it seem to be realised..
tomorrow it will be the meeting on this..
i dunno whether it is true.. as i mentioned, RUMORS!!

so, will we finish our study longer than other stundents??
matric students of course..
it is compulsory for them to use the mask, then they can continue their class as usual..
i really hoping that, if there is any meeting tomorrow, please dont think about stopping all the classes but about the mask that everyone really should use..

my friends which taking law n tesl, keep talking about the estimation that have been made on diz influenza A..
it is said, this influenza will be last for 3 years and more than 2000 people will be infected and die..
so, what we're gonna be in these 3 years??
living in the house, with no social life?
no more business?
no more study, bcoz all the education centre been closed?
no more interaction with each other?
all these question, spinning on my head..

for all the muslim..
pray to The Almighty, Allah, hoping that we're not infected by this influenza A.. InsyaAllah..

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*ThAniAh_2YaT*('',) said...

i agree with u..
if this sem close, how about our study?