Wednesday, November 17, 2010

when it come to nothing impossible

have u aver heard someone at the age of 60 and above giving birth??
perhaps u have.. (it's common although quite errr *u know what i mean)

but this is woman at the age of 66, giving birth to triplets..
gila babeng hebat..
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in india..
whatever it is, it's from Him.. Subhanallah..

being married to a man and get devorced sebab x mampu nk bagi zuriat..
then they remarried for two times...

dah jodoh tu mak cik, mmg x kemana...

btw, this delivery didn't come naturally..
that's through all those surgical technologies..
(what the fish i dunno bcoz i never learn biology in my whole life and i've never had a nighmare studying that horror subject, thank god)

but, Alhamdulillah, three of them are healthy babies..
two boys and a girl..

but (how many times already i used this word!!),
i just wonder how longer that will be at this state..

ok, come have a look at this pic..
it can be seen clearly, they're sleeping on newspapers..
( i cant tell where's the heck those papers come from, ask their mother)

it's stated that they're "healthy newborns"..
but (once again),
u can see their conditions with u naked eyes..
(i dunno if me, which non-biology student, is dumb enough to know this how all healthy newborns will look likes, with all those wires and wear only a napkin)

at the age of 66, giving birth..
it's not a big deal..
u really wanna have it..
but how about them????
continue living in poverty in a farmer family..
and with old parents that.. (actually i wanna ask, can 66 years old mother manage 3 babies in a time???)

k, i'm just hoping u'll grow them well enough until they will feel like
"yes, this is the reason why i'm alive, because i'm to achieve my dream and change the family live style"

babies: welcome, and u should all know, this life is about competition..
since we're about to exist.. millions of sperms compete each other to get into the ovum..
starting from that and until the end of the life, it's all about competition..
if u're slower, then u'll be at the back..
n for sure, competition is the most tiring thing in our whole life..

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healthy newborns? ish ish -.-