Wednesday, November 17, 2010

simple chat got meaning..

tengah aku menelaah pak cik go0gle..
here it comes the most i-hate part when i'm online..
chat @fb..

bcoz i just intend to chat with those in my YM list..
not because aku ni sombong gaban or berlagak..
MSN Onion Icons
sebb line wifi ni "cantek" sangat..
nnti mule lar berterabor ape yg di chat tuh..
at last both side tercangak tunggu which one will enter the sentence first..

but, here it come, si mamat that i never know..
( i used to say i didn't approve unknown in facebook)
but, this one is my sis's admirer..
wakakaka :P

ok, it's start here..

err. perhaps a little rude there.. (it's me, naturally to reply to such already-know-answer question)

arguement begin, because naimah doesn't like people complaint on her sentence.. especially mnuduh aku "mngumpat".. eeerrrr.. bcoz it soesn't mean that way..
defensive is not my best talent as argue, bcoz people always have their point to beat me..
and then i loose.. MSN Onion Emoticon
then surrender, u wanna win?? ok, take it.. Onion Icons
(clearly he claim out all his knowledge, mmg aku kalah baii)
then my turn to ask..
confused.. Onion Icons
apa punya panjang nama course nih... err, sorry yer, mcm not well-manner sket..
mngantuk.. MSN Onion Icon (alasan2x)

ok, impress!! see, "IJAZAH TAHFIZ DAN QIRAAT"
well, i dunno what Qiraat is..
jap go0gle..
Onion Emoticon Set
sorry, internet slow (padahal aku xtau nk click yg mna 1)

aku xtau ar mna 1 lah pulak... dekat 3 pages dah bukak..
dhla kne baca panjang text..
dah pukol 12.48 pulak.. kecik je mata aku ni haa..
last2, surrender... aku pon dengan heartless nye gi tanya mamat tuh..

tgk!! dah offline pulek...
so, aku gigih berusaha lagik..
Onion Emoticon Set

yea, ini lah Qiraat..

"Qiraat ialah suatu cara daripada beberapa cara mengucapkan Al-Quran yang masing-masing imam itu memilih satu cara yang berbeza dengan yang lainnya dalam mengucapkan Al-Quran.”

as the way, jenis2 tarannum..
waahhh! pandai aku carik..
and tetibe..

patotnye aku reply,
"maaf anda lambat, uncle go0gle lagi cepat.."

tapi x berani dowh...


what i'm try to say here..
dengan penat lelah pulak nk crop kan nma dia setiap pict..

this short chat make make me think in different ways..
-am i too rude??
-why people always ask something that they already know just to show manners
-did he happy with what he's studying..
-bcoz now i think now i'm not into engineering anymore..
-why did he never give up for ***** (count how many time he mention her name), even he know she's not in him..
-i wanna say out, "common buddy, find egyptian lady, they're gorgeous" hehehe
-i'm a determined person, but once i gave up, i'm not into it, anymore..

-lastly, a wanna write at the chat; buddy, it's a great course u're studying.. i'm envy u 3 things;
1- study something great, that not everyone in this world were given the "gift" to have that ability.
2- u're too loyal.. why dont u just give up for these 5 years.. let her out from your heart..
3- a parents of yours will proud of u than a parents of a doctor neither engineer..

it's simple, but it's too much sometimes...


syafawati said...

babe, gambar petama ko tak sensor kan nama, HA HA! :)
salam aidiladha :)

naimah said...

arhh, aku mmg x nk sensor pon..
(lupe dowh)