Saturday, April 24, 2010


nothing much to say..
kinda lazy to type...
dun say anything bout this pale coloured layout..

just read up my bestie blog, zera arika...
her post bout, girls.. especially how she faced all the girls in convent..

and how she managed herself with the guys, when transferred to sek men sains sultan mohamad jiwa.. just like me, from a girl school (sek men sultanah asma) to the mixed school..
i think she mixed well, better than me..
exactly bcoz she always hang up with the guys in her taekwondo club before...
as i just involve with the club in the girl school, so i cant do it well...

as we're new student, (people always called this kind of students "freshy") we always hang up together.. eventhough we're not in the same kind of study.. she was in biology n i was in engineering class...
fortunately we're in the same sport house, temenggung.. so we're placed in the same dorm... (it's exactly what happen in the school, same sport house, same dorm for every form)

she's so active in taekwondo.. involve with a lot of tournaments.. n i just a member of it.. one day, when one of the teacher wanna organize taekwondo club for the school, he ask her to be the president.. and i became the vice president as there's only about 2 students in form 4 that did involve in taekwondo, n they were just junior belt.. that bring us closer.. it was not a simple thing to organize a new club as we were also new students in the school.. but she did really well..

in form five, we're bed partner.. she did well in study as well as in taekwondo.. in april, she left the school for two months, because involved with SUKMA (sukan malaysia).. she represented Perak for taekwondo tournament..
it was a big surprised when she came back with a broken arm.. but it never make her down.. even though she got a bad result for mid term exam because she left the school too long but she was never give up..
i know her, she will have exactly what she want.. just like how hard she was practicing taekwondo to prove that she can represent the state..

i still remember she gave me her ikea pillows, ( i always stole its from her when i wanna sleep), on her last day in the school.. she left earlier than me bcoz i still have engineering drawing paper in spm...

when we met back in january 2009 at the school for "kenduri kesyukuran" from our batch to the teachers, i accompany her to the bus station.. as she rushed for the bus to go back to kl.. bcoz she started study at that time.. using her trial result, she was accepted by sime darby to be sponsored... she's also the first one from our school that was offered that scholarship... we cant get the taxi, then when the bus stopped at the nearby bus stop we have to run to the express bus station... suddenly her bag tore.. she have to hold it rather than bring it over her shoulder.. i kept remind her to text me exactly when she arrives...

when the spm result came out.. she proved it.. the girl that left the school for months in spm years.. the girl who always busy with the club, sport house.. she manage to get 10A's 1.. the only student in our school that got the perfect result.. if only i hug her that time and say how much i proud of her.. but i didn't, exactly when i see my result..

that's the last time we met.. now she's doing her foundation studies in engineering as well as her preparation to go oversea.. she was offered to the University of New South Wales, Australia top 8 engineering study in the world.. and few days ago i read her blog that she was offered by her dream school, University of Minnesota, US. ranked 2nd for chemical engineering and first for research university in the US week News.. i'm so happy for her..

but i dunno why my fingers still didn't text her any congratulation message.. do i busy too much?? i'm not.. but time kept us away isn't.. i always wanna comment on her post.. i've never miss to read even one of her post... but i cant.. i dunno is it my laptop's problem or what.. i cant access..

if she read this, i wanna say that those two years maybe is too short, but the memories are too long.. i really miss u..

this picture were taken when we were on the way back from the taekwondo annual party..

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brownies91 said...

naimah..hng jahat.. hng wat aku nangis.. aku rindu hang.. seriously.. things are getting harder.. ;(