Saturday, January 2, 2010

new age!!!

at last.. i'm 19!!!

to be true it's kinda a new revolution..
the last age before the first digit turn to 2...

no such celebration for the day..
as usual..
as my bday at the beginning of the year, people are busy to think on lots of things..
n my bday turn to be quite nothing...
(xde lah sedey pon, it's been 19 years it happenned)

the biggest bday that i cant forget, is when i turned 16..
haniza, my classmate at form 3, bought me a cake!
what a luvly of u...
the first n last cake on my birthday...
thanks babe, wont forget that till the end...

last night, shikin jamil called me.. on my phone, it's 11.58 p.m..
exactly she became the first one who wish me..
thanks ketam..

yesterday, going to nilai..
suddenly fall to one of the baju kurung..
sumPah berkenan giler..
thought of wanna buy it for the dinner night..
but the theme is still not be decided..
so how???

bcoz i relly i wanna it, i consider it as my present on my burfday..
who else gonna giv me right..

this new templates right just for my burfday too..
kinda gurlish..

turn to love the grey/silver...
silver is smart!

but this is the kampunggal...

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