Tuesday, November 30, 2010

doreen dear,

at this left side, there is my blog list.
which i often give a visit..

n there is one, "doreen SRK"
absolutely SRK mean shah rukh khan..
dont tell me u dunno who he is..

i'm recalling first i met her,
in DKH..
first day in class in uitm shah alam in doing our foundation..
she sat beside me..

try to know each other she introduce herself as Doreen..
at first i just wonder "what is that name is???"

because too boring, no lecturer coming in,
(as usual, first day)
some students passed a paper containing note from different language..
(u know that boarding school students did learn foreign language; japanese, franch, german)
but when the paper come to her,
she wrote it in hindi language..

i just.. errrrrrr...
is there any school learn that language,
as i just told by her that she's from sekolah tun fatimah..

and she translating those sentence she wrote..
n start telling how crazy she is about SRK
(i dunno if she still remember this moment, but i did for sure)

just tell me what SRK film she didn't watch, u'll never can..

for the first time i met someone which is so obsess with a celebrity..

i couldn't write it all here, but u may read this;

just click..

seriously, i admire her determination..
i bet there is only 1 in thousands can do that..
u did it babe! u did it!!

i wish i could be strong like her, never stop to achieve anything she want! never...

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