Sunday, October 24, 2010

coming back memory

"really need someone right now.. i’m tired.. i’m lost~"

that was my last sentence in
it is on 13th may 2009, at 2.15 a.m..

n someone do be right beside me that time after read this..
to that person; thanks a lot.. because it make me realized that no matter how bad u are, u did once become someone that support me n make me smile in the time i'm crying..
n it's true, the sentence is exactly for you..

i'm sorry i cant be a good friend as u tried to..
because i'm too blind, n i'm too selfish..

a sudden memory appear..
n i'm just an ordinary girl..


black_mel said...

kadang2 kita perlukan masa untuk diri sendiri...take ur time..

naimah said...

mmg.. everything take times..
but it will someday come to our mind, again..
btw, thanks for the comment.. it do chill me up.. :)