Friday, July 2, 2010

new place, but the old me~

ok, now 12.56 a.m... at 11a.m., i'll reg as UTM student..


i left the uitm for utm..
go0d luck for my self..

n dengan keadaan yg kurang sehat ni, mcm xde mo0d je untuk orentasi..
but mcm biasa, still kene kan..

sorry guys that called me n xdengar clearly what i said..
sebab suare da xde..
dah mcm suara gangster ouh.. hahah!

ok, when the orientation begin, maybe i have to take less time to spend for the blog..
ntah bile boleh update lagi..

kawan2x, jpa punye scholar buke start 3 julai, jgn lupe apply for those yg qualified tuh..

go0d luck also to all ma frens that will start their study soon or had begun..
lets grab our dream!!

to all engineering students from mat jiwa, n foundation in engineering uitm;
hey, engineer wanna be, be proud of it!!

u n me??? we're apart, further..
will u miss me as much i will miss u??

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