Monday, September 14, 2009

sHopPiNg RayA!!!

the semester one come to the end..
just left the study week n FINAL EXAM..
sound scary!!!

this syawal gonna be quite special for me as i'm celebrating it at 18 years old..
teenage time...
for shopping of course..
not asking money from the parent anymore..
of course it's all on the allowance...

so, its really kinda shopping!!!
bought something for everyone (exclude my brothers, dunno what to buy)..


mum: menu kitchenware stuff (SACC Mall), blouse Acradia (Jusco Bukit Raja)

dad: butang baju melayu (Plaza Alam Sentral)

c's mazira: her kerepek pisang (Kompleks PKNS) , n tudung (Bazaar)..

c's mazni: 1.5 m cloth for scarf (Nagoya, Plaza Alam Sentral)...

c's najwa: purse (Bintang Mall), tudung (Bazaar), bead bracelet (kompleks PKNS)...

total cost: RM 130.00


  • tart nenas (not as good as i tasted the tester) liar!!!
  • popia simpul.. good one
  • popia gulung
  • kerepek bawang..
  • kerepek pisang

total cost: RM 68 (mostly at Kompleks PKNS)



  • baju raya (Kompleks PKNS)
  • Tudung (Kompleks PKNS)
  • bead bracelet (Kompleks PKNS)
  • t-shirt BRAPS (the store, Plaza Alam Sentral)

total cost: RM 151.50


for the first time going really crazy on shopping for raya..

nobody stop me... huhu...

hoping this raya will be meaningful for me...

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