Monday, September 7, 2009

Faruq in the hearts..~

seeing the pic above, i'm sure u all guessing it is the owner of the name i wrote at the tittle...
and exactly it is.. faruq..

who is diz faruq??
not my boyfrenz.. (yet! hahah.. just joking)
not my brother.. (younger than me of course)
not my idol.. (we keep working on our dream)
n neither my neighbour.. (kelantan n kedah is too far for it isn't??)
but he is our PI0091b beloved frenz..

if u all did reading my previous post, tittle "nasib atau rezeki" on june 13 2009, he's the faruq that i mentioned...
it is more than a month he left us..
to continue in medical study of course..

i still remember the first time i know him..
it is when his name was called to do a physics question at the white board in the lecture hall (DKH)..
it is when ain mentioned, "terer giler faruq ni.." (as he perfectly answered the question)

he's not a talkative boy, but it is interesting to hav a chat with him...

it still in my mind, when the first time i talk to him..
at faculty of electrical engineering, floor 14..
waiting for miss christina to come for physics tutorial..
the sentence that keep reminding ain n me is when he said, he wanna be a doctor that wear the 'serban'...
impressed??? hehehe..

he's going to egypt next month..
going to grab his dream on becoming a doctor..
we're all here hoping that u'll achieve whatever u're dreaming to hav...

n dont forget!!!
u're the only one in our class that gonna be a doctor okeyh!!
(since everybody else taking the engineering)
so, dont forget to giv us a free treatment once u become a doctor..
(the whole class tau)
so, gud luck my fren... do remember us here..
u'll ever be our fren, now n forever...

to our super duper fren: u're still our classmate~


Anonymous said...

perghhhh...bgus cite tentang aku.aku ske.hehe

syafawati said...

skrag ko kena lak buat post sal fayat, tiha ngan latif..
ahahah :)