Saturday, January 23, 2010

first project failed!

to my luck, my application to organize an activity at orphanage house was approved by PM Dr Rosli..
but to my unlucky, halfway on preparing the paperwork, the orphanage house in seksyen 2 couldnt accept our visit..
sedey nak mati..
just plan on wanna visit there with 20 of my groupmates so that it can be one of the activities in the cocurriculum card...

semua orang dah book nak buat aktiviti kat stu..
sob sob.. seksyen 2 lah paling dkat pong!

tomorrow wanna submit the paperwork, but i dont even hav the venue.. gila apa ni!
kalau ada pon, semua jaoh2...
did i have to trouble myself, prepare 1 more letter to the dean for transport.. huh..

tolong! tolong!
mcm mna nak buat ni...
anyone know any of orphanage house around shah alam??
da call tm directories, but they dont hav the list.. how can???????

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