Thursday, November 19, 2009

movies comment..

pisau cukur.. fazura was so cute.. with her crazy idea.. braces boy (i dun even knoe his name) smart giler larh.. most of all at the dance part..
bella which is just loose in "siapa nak kahwin jutawan" was persue by her friend, intan to go on cruise that was sponsored by her sugar daddy.. main motive, to find a superb rich husband.. on tha cruise, bella busy seduce datuk hisham while intan make a drastic decision to find the murderer of datuk zak..

jennifer body.. u better be above 18 to watch.. horror.. but very satisfied.. well-explained.. great ending..
jennifer is a popular student among the girls.. she's the hotty one.. one night she attends to a mini concert kinda gig at the uptown.. the band, low shoulder, burn the club n take her away. they have to sacrice her to the devil, so that the satan will help them to be the greatest band.. the important thing is, they have to sacrifice a virgin.. jennifer who thinks they want to rape her, lying that she's still a virgin, so that they will release, one of the band members stabs her with a knive.. but they dun follow the condition to perform the ritual, jennifer is not a virgin.. that cause the devil to get into her dead body.. she lives as usual, but hungry of blood.. human blood.. then the horror begin, she kills two boys n drink their blood.. no one know bout this, except her bestfren.. what she gonna do..

christmas carol.. 45% boring.. nothing make us curious.. mengantuk weyh..
it's about a most stingy man, ebenezer scrooge.. he hate the christmas celebration.. one night, on the christmas eve, a spirit oh his business partner which is died comes.. he tells srooge that 3 spirits will come and help him to realise his mistake in his life.. the first spirit comes and bring him to his past life, child to adult.. the second spirit comes to shows him that even he's stingy and hate christmas, people still love and appreciate him.. the third spirit shows that when he died no one symphaty toward his death..

planet 51.. cute funny movie.. not so superb.. they should make it even unique.. too simple..
it's about planet that lived by a community of aliens.. thay have family, great bond with each others n love.. one day an astronout from the earth comes to the planet.. these aliens call the astronout alien and think that the man is dangerous.. the astronout was hunted by the polices and soldiers.. he hide in a house until found by an alien that realise that he's not dangerous.. the alien name 'lem', try to help him to go back to his flying saucer that was guarded by the soldiers..


syafawati said...

oh my faqir! :)

Yon Yusuff said...

kan dah kata pisau cukur best...
fazura's cute,isn't she?hahahah!yesss...

raii said...

braces tu nme dy shahredza minhat..
ske stail dy lah

-ni azraii..malas nk log in

syafiqah said...

faqir ak punye laa capa;p